Welcome to the official 

Raider Haters nation!

Welcome to the official 

Raider Haters nation!

Raiders Greatest Benefactors


About the raiders

Years of Suckage


We all know the Raiders last won a Superbowl in 1984, before a majority of their crap talking fans were born. 

Let's take a look at the years of dysfunction the Raiders have shown the past two decades!

A Tradition of Losing


The Raiders have established a great tradition of losing! 

-No matter who their QB is!

    -No matter who their coach is!

Remember their 13 game losing streak against the Bolts? I do!

A Tradition of Crying


Whether it is Derek Carr, their coach,

 their fans, or their entire defense

Someone is always crying with the Raiders

Raiders amazing decisions!


Derek Carr — 5 years - $125,000,000

Record setting deal! 

Record: 32-46

One winning season

"If he doesn't have a stone wall in front of him, he sucks!" - Anyone not a Raiders fan


Jon Gruden - 10 Years - $100,000,000

Another record setting deal!

Career record:  104–97 

QB's coached up: 0

"If I suck up to the media enough, maybe they won't tear me a new one!" - Jon Gruden

The failures of the Raiders trades

Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper - Traded

Khalil Mack with Bears in 2018: 12.5 sacks and 1st Team All Pro

Raiders full team sack total in 2018: 13

Amari Cooper with Derek Carr at QB in 2017 for 14 games: 680 yards, 7 TDs

Amari Cooper with a QB not named Derek Carr for 9 games: 725 yards, 6 TDs

Answering the Raider fan's biggest question for 2019...


Hint: Your QB

Fun Facts and Testimonials

From Bryan, @kbbryan19

Ladainian Tomlinson had more than 1900 yards rushing and 22 touchdowns vs the Raiders in his first 16 games against them. Unbelievable stuff from our Hall of Fame [Raider killer]!

Visual Evidence

Raiders Suckage

  1. The Raiders are 85-171 since 2003.
  2. The Raiders have had 9 coaches since 2003
  3. The Raiders have started 21 different QBs since 2003

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From Sean - Long Time Raiders Fan

There’s a Black Hole in the stands and also at middle linebacker. We still play on a fucking baseball diamond. Las Vegas is a shit stain of a city and I’m sure it won’t be a distraction at all for anyone not named Derek “Jesus in Cleats” Carr. Derek Carr is Tim Tebow if Tebow learned how to throw a football as a kid instead of handling snakes. Our fanbase is delusional. 

Proof of Shit Stain

From Ryan - Self Aware Raiders Fan

Like most Raider fans, I’m really just a miserable bastard who hates everyone and everything. 

It's true